At the end of our last morning at St George’s, we asked Primary 2 (the same age as our year 3s) to draw a picture of something they liked and to write a message for our Year 3 children. We have brought these back and will share them with you so that you can write some replies.image




The children performed some songs for us that they have been learning. One child acts as the leader and chooses the song. You will be able to hear the videos when we get back, but here are some pictures for now.






Like us, the children at St George’s are learning French. They have a special French speaking teacher for this subject who takes the class for an hour while the class teacher has an hour to do preparation work. 


First he explained the meaning of the passage to the children, then they practised saying it, making sure they were pronouncing the words in the correct way, finally they wrote it out for themselves. We liked the way he was also teaching the children an important healthcare message through French and he made sure they understood why it mattered. If you can read the French, you will be able to work out what it was.

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KS 1 Maths

We watched a class of the younger children doing maths. They were learning about adding and used small pieces of plastic to help them understand the imagenumbers. These were not ready made counters but bits of tiles that we think they had washed and cleaned so that the children could use them safely.


Going to church



image Sunday morning Daniel took us to the church where he is the pastor, to see one of the services. They use a room in a large school building. Two choirs sang and then the congregation were asked to dance for the glory of God. Then Daniel preached about praising and loving God by working hard. People gave offerings of money to help support the church and at the end, everybody was given some chocolate as it was “Chocolate Sunday”. We didn’t take photos during the service because it didn’t seem respectful but here are some from afterwards.


Kakum National Park

Daniel picked us up from the hotel at 5am this morning so we could set off on the long drive to Kakum National Park. We arrived around 9 o’clock and got tickets for the canopy walk. Then a long walk up the hill and onto the walkway. The views were absolutely amazing and it was very exciting balancing so high above the trees.